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Chill out, have fun and mess around with your art as if you were a kid again. Introducing...

TexturizerPro is a Brush Pack created exclusively for Affinity Designer.


It has been crafted to recreate a wide range of real-life textures and give an extra dimension to your vector illustrations.




Make your artwork look more complex with just a few brush strokes!

1.5 update also introduces Dynamic Brushes. Taking advantage of Designer's brush engine, these brushes changes their color randomly or by pressure as you paint. Add more depth effortlessly and using less steps!

1.5 UPDATE includes 18 NEW brushes!

This pack goes perfect with any kind of art style. You can combine TexturizerPro with any other brush pack you already have, it's a great companion if you feel that your artwork looks too clean and want to give a more edgy feel to it.

Use different brushes layered together to produce infinite results.

You’ll never run out of textures if you mix wisely. But hey, that is not that difficult, you have more than 70 brushes to chose from, which makes up for hundreds of thousands of texture combinations.

Some Affinity Designer artists have been playing with #TexturizerPro already, check 'em out!

So what are you waiting for? Start having fun right now and get a copy of Texturizer Pro for Affinity Designer!

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