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Transform your designs into instant hits in  just minutes!
  • 16 Hand-drawn vectors 

  • 9 Photo-based vectors

  • 12 Painted vectors

  • 7 Ink/Spatter vectors

  • 3 Extra objects

  • 5 Starter Templates

  • 5 High-quality texture Overlays

  • Ready to be used for:

  • Poster Design

  • T-Shirts

  • Album Covers

  • Packaging

  • Branding

Wicked vector elements to make your Artboards rock!

Let your most aggressive instincts take control! Rockstar Kit for Affinity Designer is a collection of design elements that will add loads of grungy, heavy and trashy personality to your next piece of art!


From hand-drawn comic style elements  to home-made ink spatters, this pack has everything to make you feel like the Ozzy of graphic design!

No time for rehearsals? We've got you covered

The Rockstar Kit for Affinity Designer includes 5 pre-made templates to start working right away. Change colors, replace and move some elements around, add a killer headline and call it a day!

Not only for dark souls...

As you can see in the examples above, you can save hours of your precious time using the Rockstar Kit for almost any type of distressed /urban design style.

Introducing: Compound Assets

Rockstar Kit for Affinity Designer includes 18 hand-drawn Compound Assets, this type of powerful assets are made out of 2 components: Stroke and Fill. These elements are fully editable and you may use them together or separately.

Bonus: Texture Overlays

Add an organic feel to your designs made with the Rockstar Kit. Inside this pack you'll find 5 distressed custom-made textures to roughen up your vectors even further.

These textures comes in super high-res and are suitable for large scale print formats.

  • FT-folded-paper-01

  • FT-folded-paper-03

  • FT-cardboard

  • FT-folded-paper-04

  • FT-scractched-vynil

Start rocking today!

Get your copy of the Rockstar Kit for Affinity Designer right now and see the amazing things that this little beast can do for your artwork!

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