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Propaganda Design Kit 1.5

Release notes

iPad performance update (make sure you have the latest version of Affinity Designer for iPad):


  • You don't need to have Affinity Photo to install Styles anymore (yay!).

  • All textures have been rebuilt for a better performance on iPads (up to 3 times faster to load).

  • Styles have been split into three installation files to avoid crashes on the iPad when attempting to import.

  • Masks have also been split into two installation files.

  • Lowered Masks dimensions to avoid going off the canvas to resize them; however, they can still be enlarged as much as needed without losing quality due to their compression algorithm.​

  • Included iPad installation guide.


Didn't get your update email? Let us know here and we'll send your download link:


Thanks! You'll get your update soon!

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