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Frankentoon is moving to

Frankentoon Studio

Amongst other features Frankentoon Studio has a more robust and expandable architecture underneath, a more secure database/customer’s data storage, a more flexible downloads system and a quicker products update system.

WAIT! What's gonna happen with my purchases?

Great question! All your past orders are safely stored in our database and our dedicated Accounts team is ready to migrate your current Frankentoon account to a brand-new Frankentoon Studio account. To make this process smoother for you, please follow these steps:

  1. Register on Frankentoon StudioHERE (If you don't want to create an account yourself, this step can be skipped).

  2. Send an email to, including this information: First NameLast Name and your current Frankentoon email address. 

  3. Alternatively, you can send us any order number (#00000), so we can track all the rest of orders faster.

  4. That's it, one of our Account Migration team members will contact you to let you know that your orders history has been migrated to the new site or that a new account has been created for you (if step one is skipped)*

*Due to the current amount of accounts to be migrated, this process may take from 24 to 72 hours (max) to get your previous purchases migrated, depending on the total requests per day we might have.

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