Texture Pack Vol.2 - Affinity Designer

Texture Pack Vol.2 - Affinity Designer


36 vector textures ready to destroy anything nice you put them on!


If you love textures as we do, you should be downloading this pack already, because you can never have enough of them... NEVER!


Drag, drop, recolor, resize and repeat! Texture Pack Vol.2 for Affinity Designer allows you to non-destructively, add gritty and grungy textures to your illustrations and designs. This Affinity Designer exclusive is a must-have for die-hard fans of chaos and destruction (artistically and peacefully speaking).

  • What's in the pack:

    • 36 Editable Vector Textures
    • 3 Templates
    • Quick Installation Guide
  • Compatibility

    • Affinity Designer for Mac/Win
    • Affinity Designer for iPad
  • Paying with Credit Card?

    You can purchase Texture Pack Vol.2 using any credit card HERE


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