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Nomad brush pack for Procreate

SKU: ISP1702

Selected tools for artists on the move!

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Nomad is a brush pack for Procreate, developed by our Insecto Studio brand. Get the most out of your outdoor, coffee shop or on-the-bus sessions. This collection of dry brushes for Procreate offers a nice set of natural-feel tools to help you capture your ideas in quick sketches and also take them to a finished painting, all in one small pack!

  • Compatibility

    • Procreate 3+
    • Optimized for Apple Pencil


  • What's inside the pack?

    10 Procreate Brushes:

    • Insecto - Sketch Pencil
    • Insecto - Graphite Powder
    • Insecto - Dry Gouache
    • Insecto - Dry Gouache 2
    • Insecto - Detail Gouache
    • Insecto - Clean Roller
    • Insecto - Square Bristle
    • Insecto - Furry Bristle
    • Insecto - Greasy Gouache
    • Insecto - Flat Blend (smudge)
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