Crayon - Procreate Brush Pack

Crayon - Procreate Brush Pack

SKU: FPC022019

Bold, full of character and fun as hell!

Awake the child within and start messing around with this amusing set of Procreate brushes! Designed to bring back to you those hours of fun exploring weird creatures, fantastic worlds and brave heroes.


When a bunch of sheets of paper, the smell of brand new crayons, a cheese sandwich and the summer breeze blowing quietly through the window, were enough to fill your heart with pure happiness.


Everything that made those golden years awesome is back, right here, just one ZIP file away!

  • Use these brushes for:

    • Editorial illustrations for children
    • Vintage style drawings
    • Adding grain and texture to other brush packs
    • Visual Development/Concept Art
  • Compatibility:

    • Procreate 4+
    • Apple Pencil
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