It's time to expand your world

Frankentoon presents:


A breath of fresh air for Affinity Designer/Photo

Spark your creativity with fun, organic and unpredictable tools

We love how nature finds its ways to create unusual patterns and beautiful shapes even in the most unlikely places.

We wanted to recreate this organic way of finding amazing designs without even thinking about it. We believe we've captured a tiny part of that randomness that will make you feel more playful and uncertain of where your painting's gonna lead you.

We want you to experience that refreshing freedom!

Concept Master Vol.1: Nature, includes 47 raster brushes to use right out of the box and 21 Stamp Brushes, which act like 'stickers' to complement your scenes or, to use them as the starting point for creating something completely new. 

Everyone's invited to join the adventure

This pack's unmatched versatility makes it your perfect companion for any artistic field. Use it by itself or in combination with other brush packs, like our flagships Nomad 2 or Texturizer Pro.

Despite what brushes' names may suggest, you can always experiment in the most unorthodox ways to find more creative uses for each brush.​

  • Illustration

  • Concept Art

  • Visual Development

  • Matte Painting

  • Architectural Visualization

  • Game Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Animation

No matter your passion, we got you covered:

Get to know your brushes and master them!

Concept Master Vol.1: Nature, includes an eBook with 16 tips and tricks, to guide you through the particularities of this set, so you won't be missing the key functionality of these brushes the moment you start working with them.

Take control of your scenes; all elements of earth are yours!





What's in the pack

Tips & Tricks eBook

47 Brushes + 21 Brush Stamps

72-Color Swatches Library

Concept Master Vol.1: Nature, is compatible with the latest versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Mac and Windows and  Affinity Designer for iPad (Pro). Affinity Photo for iPad lacks a specific feature that makes this pack not compatible (will be fixed on the next Photo for iPad update).


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