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Get the POWERS

to become the ARTIST you were born to be!

Learn how to add the WOW FACTOR to all those drawings that are collecting dust in your sketchbook!

...sometimes, what keeps one away from improving as an artist is the lack of technical knowledge that may allow your imagination run wild, hence the difficulty to finish those cool ideas that one day started on paper and got buried forever...

That's why this eBook was created. We see a lot of potential among Affinity Designer users everyday and we want to help that potential grow free, without limitations...

Because the IMAGINATION world has no limits, but...

Have fun with many topics that will improve your art in several ways...


Advanced Illustration

in Affinity Designer Vol.1

We want you to become the best artist you can be, by getting more work done!

Whether you're a comic book artist, cartoonist, illustrator, concept artist or vector art hobbyist... 

this book has several cool tricks you can borrow (and improve)  for your own art sake!

  • Inking/linework techniques using vector tools.

  • Practical color theory

  • Coloring techniques using the cut and grad method with vectors.

  • Post-production tips. Get the most out of your work after finishing it.

  • Workflow tips and personal insights to get the work done faster.

Your download also includes:

You're just one super power away from becoming a better artist...


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